Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Thank you God for using my loneliness to help others! When we moved, part of it felt like coming home, because I had some godly friends already here. But in the many times we have moved to other cities, it has been very hard. People are always nice, but it takes awhile to get in with a group of people. God used those sad times. I recognized them in one of my sweet new friends who moved here a little before I did. I could tell by her voice. The more I thought, the more I knew I needed to call her back. " GET ready! I'm coming to get you, and we're going to Walmart!" The words every friend longs to hear. We had a sweet time. Thank you God for helping me see! Thank you for the friends you used in my life in other cities. I am especially grateful for one particular friend who was always willing to pull me out of the house whether it be starbucks, movies, Walmart, or Barnes and Noble. It didn't matter what time it was. She was always willing and ready. Is there someone who needs you to check on them today? Or do I need to drive the distance, honk my horn, and take you to Walmart? Love to my Friends!


At 11:49 AM, Blogger Panda-Mom said...

You know I'm always up for ANY of those places and especially with YOU! I think the drive might be a bit much now, though...LOL! We really want to see you guys in person sooooooooon!!!!!!! ; )


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