Monday, October 16, 2006


Everyone once in awhile our sweet precious dogs do something stupid. Today I left for 10 minutes to pick up the girls from school. OK it turned into 30 because I decided to treat the girls to Chicken E tea after school and we went to the post office. Anyway. I didn't take the trash sack outside. I walked in the backdoor and there was trash in the kitchen. Instead of us playing the name game with the dogs and cat it was obvious who the perpetrator was. Bless her heart, the Walmart sack around her neck and the grape jelly on her back were dead giveaways. She got to take a shower with Sp. It was hard to be mad. Instead, we grabbed the camera and had a laugh.


At 9:21 PM, Blogger Panda-Mom said...

Pooooorrrrr Brownie! Knowing cats, I think Simba put the bag around her neck and rubbed the jelly on her back to make it LOOK like she did when in actuality it was...SIMBA!!!


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