Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Festival Fun Shots

Our pastor's wife came as Mother Superior and who is that good looking man guarding the jump house? Face painting was also cool with the jewels they included. This year the celebrating of Fall was such fun and relaxing. All of my Sunday School girls and their friends manned the booth. They painted lots of girls' nails and even some boys too. For weeks they made the ribbon crowns in Sunday School. I am so blessed by them. Sp and I snuck away for a little while and walked 2 blocks to the Methodist church who was having a Trunk and Treat. We passed lots of families walking between the two churches. There was such a surreal feeling of being in one of those sweet country movies. I loved it!!!! All we were missing was Garth Brooks or some other country singer singing in the background. After we went to the Methodist church, we walked across the street to the nursing home. Several ladies were waiting to see children and their costumes. Some of them even had candy to give. Next year I want to make more of an effort to send children by there so they can enjoy it to. Our gym was filled to the max with so many people. It was fun to see all the students I have subbed at the carnival. I got lots of hugs. Everyone stayed around and cleaned up. It was done so quickly. We shut down a little after eight and were home by 8:45. It will always be one of my special Fall Festival Memories.


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