Thursday, August 09, 2007

Special Weekend

We have a tradition of taking our girls at certain ages for a special weekend. When they turn 10 they go with me and we spend time together reading and discussing the Body Book and Beauty Book by nancy rue. When they turn 12 they go with their daddy, have the "talk" and buy their promise-true love waits ring at James Avery. We had girls that turned 10 and 12 within a month and a half of each other at the beginning of summer - busy time. K had bright idea that we take them together to a nearby town and kind of do them together. They were agreeable. Sp and I had precious time reading and discussing the books, and K and Sh had a good time talking separately from us. We all ate dinner together, went shopping, and swimming in the pool. (Loved the hotel - they had down pillows! - K is allergic. Small things can be such special treats!) We also found cool tshirts for the girls. I will post them at another time.


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