Monday, September 11, 2006


The last couple of weeks have been crazy. Due to internet being down at the church and in transition of moving the blog has been silent. smile. Now there will be tons of catching up to do.

A couple of Sunday nights ago on the way to the youth fellowship, the van feels funny. Sure enough a flat tire on a farm road. It was a deja vue moment. Fortunately this time it was still daylight, my cell phone worked, and my children were older. Last time I was in the white van we used to have. It was dark, Sp was in a baby carrier, my cell phone didn't work, there was one lone house in the distance, and I had to run past dogs hauling a baby carrier. K was in one of the church vans, so our friend C came riding like a hero on his motorcycle. I watched this time, so I know what to do next time. Funny their son had a blowout 2 days later while C was out of town. K got to return the favor. We are so thankful for our tire guy. K takes in my van and asks for 2 new back tires. Our sweet man pulls out the 3 Nails ( where in the world?), patches the tire, and says your fine. You don't need new ones yet. That'll be $7.00. Yippee honesty and trustworthiness. We're definitley out of the city.

In case you haven't heard there is a contract on our house and as of 9/13 things are progressing well. God's timing is so perfect. We have been able to develop some friendships that we would have never developed if things would have been quicker. God is moving, and we are getting to be a part of it. Also, our friend C had a mild heart attack. Because we were at their house, we were able to help with getting family to the hospital in Hamilton, and on to Temple. He is doing better now, but we were very concerned.

There will be pictures to see soon.


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