Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pink Hair

2 Oldest girls left for camp yesterday. K had to have pink hair. Sh opted for clip in pink hair. We dropped the girls off and were getting to ready to go to the new church when another painful spasm hit again. The weekend had been bad with pain and blood; but Sunday had been good. Just one time of painkillers. He preached on a stool using a heating pad. We were so frustrated. Back to Waco we went to have xrays done. They are clear. The doctor just said to remember that K's surgery had been more than he usually does. The stone was big and stuck and he really had to work. His bladder area was still traumatized and would take a little longer to heal. Thank God for adapters in the car and heating pads since our heated seats aren't hot enough. Thank God for the man had the Honda place who wired my protective plate on under the car til we can come back and have it replaced. (I didn't pay attention and tried to drive over a parking place bumper) oops~~~~~~~~ been dragging the protective plate around with me. AT least I made the service people at honda smile and laugh. It was a little harder with the girl who collects your money and make appointments for follow ups. She actually cracked a smile when I said that we were getting to see each other so much it looked like we were going to be friends. I'll see you next week.( actually it was a cracked smile that said who is this crazy lady?)

Don't when it started; but I try to make people smile. It has become a game for me. The harder they are to crack the more ammunition I try to pull out. There could be worse hobbies.


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