Monday, March 23, 2009

My Evangelist

We would so get tickled with Sh when she was young. She was never inhibited about sharing Jesus with anyone anywhere. Sometimes it was almost embarrasing about how adamant she was and wouldn't let it drop. An older woman showed me how to handle the situations by helping the other people out but not squelching Sh. Anyway, its been awhile and I was wondering if I had "damaged" that gift early on. God showed me it was still there tonight. On the way home from the track meet we discussed the fact that we are moving etc and the reactions of people in our town. Its hard for them to comprehend us right now. It doesn't make any worldly sense at all. AS sh so aptly puts it we are being Abraham and Sarah. She was sharing this with a friend today. ""Do you know who Abraham is?" "Well, God called him to go, but he didn't tell him where. Abraham had to have faith that God would show him where. And God did. Simply put - God is shared. She shares with anyone who will listen. Oh precious Father we have no idea the impact we are having as people are watching us. Please allow us to follow you with a submissive and willing spirit. Thank you for this opportunity.


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