Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scripture Memory

(The pics are from the Daddy Daughter Banquet at our former church earlier this spring.)

We are doing Experiencing God at our church on Sundays. Since we haven't moved yet due to the remodeling of the parsonage we have a 45 minute to hour drive. We have been using this time to have the girls share their memory verses. The other day I had them text them to me. smile. It is so important that we help them hide God's word in their hearts. I will not always be with them; but the Holy Spirit can bring it to rememberance. The younger 2 girls are also learning verses about unity and brotherly love every time we start to have verbal issues. smile. At first I was weary of the drive; but now I see it as a blessing of family time for us. I will always remember Ephesians 4:32 as one of the first verses I could say as a child. Mom would make us say it every time my sister and I had issues with each other. That verse was said so many times it will forever be implanted on my heart.- I never have to review it. smile. Sometimes at night when I can't sleep, I start with Genesis and say every verse I have memorized and then move on to the next book. I never make it to Revelation before I fall asleep. One thing I have noticed is that I can't say a verse from each book of the Bible. Maybe I need to work on that. Can you? One lesson we had a camp when I was in Junior High was about living in a closed country with no Bibles. The only Bible you have is what you have memorized. They put us in groups and gave us time to write down every verse we knew by memory. Needless to say our"Bible" wasn't very big. That has always stuck with me and I have used that illustration several times through the years as I teach junior high girls' Sunday School. I try bribing etc to help them learn verses. They may do it for the prize; but I hope the greater prize is that one day that verse will be recalled by the Holy Spirit to help them in their time of need.


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Do you even know the person who posted that last comment? Weird!! Seems kinda scammy to me...I wouldn't click on it!

Go check out my post from this morning (Monday the 22nd)....I think one of the links will make you smile. ; )

Love the marquee message!


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