Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wedding Celebration

J and K had their wedding celebration this weekend and honeymooned in San Anton. I think everything went well. Who knew planning so many Princess Retreats would have other benefits. I bossed my parents around all day Friday, but they were pleased. My sweet sister-n-law and brother-n-law came celebrated with us and helped so much. The groom had 3 different cakes thanks to the sweet ladies in the church. The bubbles were definitely the hit! People played with them. I got tickled. My new bro in law had bubble fights with my girls. My long time bro in law was showing the girls how to use the outside compressor to make more bubbles. My sister in law kept picking at my mom with bubbles. The sweet older neighbor across the street kept blowing bubbles. It was a scream. Mom's cousins came and one of her dearest longest friend was able to come. If you want to see pictures of her wedding they are in April's archives.


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