Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ministry Opportunities

WE have been blessed to be in several ministry opportunities here. Last week, we had a Daddy/Daughter Banquet. It was so neat to have some dads from our community participate!

The last 2 Wednesday nights we've had 3 students accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. We are so excited about adding to our eternal family.

K is at a church participating in a Disciple Now Weekend. I went to a training on Good News Club. We start this Tuesday. I'm so excited about being involved in the opportunity of planting seeds and leading children to Christ.

It has been very interesting for me as I have subbed lately. I walk into the classroom and they say they recognize me from our church. When I have shown pictures of K to the high schoolers and junior highers, they recognized K and call him the "church guy." They see us in school and most of them are friendly and want to discuss church or questions about God. Please pray! There is a definite war here for our students' lives eternally. We just want to be available to do what God would have us to do. He keeps bringing people into our paths. We want to be faithful!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Sp joined the _____Hoopsters and performed at several bball games including a nearby University. We had a great time watching her. The cool thing was K's family came in to hear him preach and were able to go to the univ. game with us and see her perform. K's brother put on Sp's hoodie to wear to the game. If you had her school's tshirt on you could get in free. He wears it so well!!!!! We got a cousin picture, except that one of my nephews was missing, but we added my niece's fiance.

I Finally Won!!!!

Can you believe it? I won TWO door prizes the other night at scrapbooking!!!! We cropped from 10a.m.- until Midnight for $20! It was also potluck so I had some amazing new food and new recipes!!! Yipeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my new scrapbook store. They also designed paper for 3 special events I couldn't find any paper for.