Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Happenings

Grandma loved my addition of confetti eggs!
We just love our F! She is a funny girl!
F's first easter egg hunt. Actually sat in Grandpa's lap while her cousins and mother ran all over the backyard. She moved her head constantly trying to keep up!

Easter after church.
We love tormenting our neice!
WE even made Grandpa hunt eggs!

It was an exciting time for us as we introduced the family easter egg hunt to our church. Despite the fact that we did it on time change Sunday we had a good group.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Girls!

Guess Who Learned to Drive!

Cutie Pie

Good Friends Never Go Out of STyle!

We had the opportunity to see some precious friends the other day! Refreshing times for us and our girls!

Date Night

We are blessed with such precious friends. Here is a couple of pics from a date night. We love it when they have these poster things at movies theaters. Who knows if the movie is going to be any good?

One of the Most Precious Weddings!

J with lots of her sweet precious girls!
Black, white, and polka dots! So J!
We were able to see sweet friends!

My accountability p and sweet college girls!
Precious couple!
More precious friends!

Gorgeous colors!
J is like our daughter. Such a precious jewel!
Fun food and colors!

Sorry it's been awhile. My aunt passed away, K had surgery, spring break, etc. etc. amen.

A couple of weeks ago, K had the privelge of performing the wedding of one of his former youth assistants. She is such a precious treasure. The wedding was beautiful and joyous - such a celebration. If you have never attended one of the weddings K has officiated, you are missing out. He makes them so personal and fun! This sweet girl has kept her standards when all of her friends were dating etc. She continued to wait for this precious man. K had the audience raise their hands if they had prayed for J before they had met him. The congregation was so full of hands. At the end K encouraged the girls in the audience by telling them that J had done it right and look how blessed she was for waiting. What a testimony for our girls!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

In Loving Memory of My Aunt 1927-2008

This has been a very tough and emotional week for us. Many of you know we moved my aunt to an assisted living center here in town. We have been taking care of her since October. Sunday eve the nurse called and said she could not wake her up. We went immediately over there and knew things were not right. A sick feeling came into my stomach. We called 911. The emts came, the sheriff, and several volunteer firemen. They began trying to resciate her and took her on to the hospital. She had begun to have that death rattle breathing. This was so unexpected and the image of her beginning to die haunts my mind. Our sweet friend S came and stayed with the girls. It was a tough call to make to my daddy. We followed the ambulance to the hospital in the next town. The dr. came out and I had to make the decision to stop the breathing machine. They allowed me to go back and be with her as they stopped breathing for her. Our ER doctor was so precious. He rubbed her head as we saw her pulse stop. I then had to call my daddy and tell her she was gone. Every day I drive by her place. Our town is really small! My heart aches and I begin to weep. My daddy and one sister is all that is left of 8 children. His baby sister was just released from the hospital with cancer surgery. Pray for our family. Below is a picture of my daddy and his sister, and one of my aunt with her great niece.