Sunday, July 27, 2008

We've Been Skunked!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the hazards of living in a small town is the neighborhood skunks. They sprayed the dogs the other night when we took them out to go potty. Our friends were staying with us that night. You hear the dreaded barking and then the smell starts to seep in ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I got tickled at how the girls washed the dogs!!!!

Annual Parade

before parade entertainment
sh cheerleader float

its raining 15 minutes before the parade!

take the candy sack and make a hat.

catching rain

We had an awesome time the other night at our parade. We met our friends downtown and watched. It was fun that 2 of our girls were in the parade. Of course, they got caught in the downpour right before it started.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Colors of Eiffel

Friday, July 25, 2008

You Got to Have Friends!

My precious accountability partner.
Sh and one of her friends at the pageant/ carnival this week.
K and one of her friends.
My precious pick up where we left off friend. Isn't she cute!
My youth group friend's kids with mine. We've come along way from all those car seats!
My sweet friend from youth group who will always be a forever friend!

Sisters Holding Sisters

WE took Honey to visit her sister, Dixie, yesterday. We thought our dog was hyper! She took a 4 hour nap when she got home!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some Gargoyles Spit!

Awesome Book

I read this book, the second in the series, on the way home from France. ( I had 9 hours!) I laughed and cried( a little embarrasing on the plane). The primary character is reading through Ephesians and so many things spoke to me and convicted me. I am now reading through Ephesians myself. Funny, our pastor quoted a verse I had read in my quiet time. ( always a good sign that you are listening when God repeats himself to you!) I love Christian fiction that is entertaining yet helps encourage you spiritually. The third book is out the end of this month and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this author. She has lots of different books - give her a try!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Forever Friend Month

This has been a refreshing month. I went to see my forever friend across the ocean. I spent 14 straight days with another forever friend. I had a forever friend call today and refresh my spirit. I was able to spend time with my sister-n-law forever friend for a couple of days. I have the opportunity to see a forever friend and her family when they visit this weekend, and I see 2 more forever friends next week. Next month I get to spend time with my sister and mom. This seems like an oasis month of friendships. I also get to make memories with recently made friends tomorrow. Thank you God for these opportunities to be refreshed and loved. They love me for who I am and its nice to be vulnerable and myself with these friends who know me!

One of my Favorite Places

Watching the tide come in around the abbey.
We were there at a slower time, sometimes the tide comes in quickly.
Praying in the abbey.
The room where monks copied holy scriptures hundreds of years ago.
When the abbey was a prison they used this chain to lift food to the prisoners.

Posing with Z, he is so precious.
My forever friend.
My forever friend seeing one of my favorite places!

I love Mt. St. Michel in Brittany. It is an amazing place.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Took a forever friend to meet a forever friend!

cotton candy smile!
Sweet family - sweet friends in front of Mt. St. Michael
eating at an outdoor creperie in Dinan!
gathered around a pole in the metro going fast!
the eiffel tour from the trocadero
crawling through German bunkers at pont de huc in Normandy

O.K. Panda mom this one's for you!!!!!

I have been to France and Colorado back to back and finally settling down to light for a little while. I arrived home from France and within 24 hours was on the road driving to Colorado. I literally drove 10 of the 15 hours. My body is so confused. I'm blaming it on the fact that I turned 40 this year even though I don't look it! smile.

My sweet man has been trying to get me over to France to see my childhood forever friend for 2 years. He didn't want to send me alone; so another sweet precious forever friend gladly volunteered to be my chaperone. Good thing, since I have the uncanny knack of coming home everytime there is some strike in transportation in Paris! This year it was the security team at the airport. We were able to witness their marching, singing, blowing whistles and beating drums as we grabbed a quick bite to eat. Fortunately, the people they flew over from Great Britain at the last moment were precious and spoke english. This year our conecting flight plugged into the outlet and blew power. It was the last flight from Chicago to the metroplex on the 4th of July! smile. I love to have drama!!!! They finally found a part in the wearhouse.

Here's a couple of pics and I will post more as I settle in. It was wonderful to see my sweet friend and just spend time with her. Her children are growing up so fast and I was so blessed to spend time with them and watch her mother them. They also enjoyed trying to teach us French.