Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Niece

She is beautiful and sweet. She hardly cries! I kid you not she rolled over today at 6 days old. I saw it! She is wiggly!

Her parents are absolutely precious with her! I am proud of our girls!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Love This Pic!

Our Principal

WE have an amazing principal! She is also very talented! K and I thank God for her every day! Watch and be impressed. She is only a year younger than me!

Eighties Girl

Every week the cheerleaders pick a theme and the students dress accordingly. This past week was REtro - blasting the other team to the past. The students were to dress in their favorite decade. sh won with her 80's costume. I didn't get a full length shot, but maybe you can see the leggings, collar pin, big hair, blue eye shadow, tennis shoes etc.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

This Past Week!

Pumpkin Patch is at church now. We work there to raise money for the girls for camp. K's parents sent money to take the girls shopping. The girls have always been fascinated with the red balls at Target. On the way we stopped at a pioneer days at a museum in a nearby town. K's and Sh's history teacher let them help in the blacksmith booth. They got to grind corn and sift for gold.We also had the opportunity to go to the new Wingstop in the nearby town. There's a picture of them waiting for our wings. We've had it twice this week. Once for K and the other time was for the godfather's birthday. Never knew the wings would grow on me but they have!

God has been working on my heart as we go through Purpose Driven again at our church. Had a horrible day and lost it. God was so faithful to have a loving friend call at the right time and speak truth over me. He is close to us when we need him. He provides in miraculous ways and reminds us of His presence. If God lays someone on your heart this week, make sure and act on it. They might need you more than you'll ever know!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Wild Week

We had Gamma Gamma's Monday night. Our theme was spoons and how to stir in good ways not bad. Tuesday night was educational mtg. We are doing Purpose Driven Life again. Wed night church and Thursday was the FFA fundraiser and my parents came in town. Friday, K led a parents' conference and we went to watch my nephew play against Celina. Saturday was my niece's wedding shower that I helped to host. Before the shower we fit in a bridesmaid fitting. Whew! Here it is Sunday again and it All starts all over again.