Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Cheerleader

Sh made cheerleader this past Friday. She tried out after encouragement from her sister on Thursday afternnoon. We had to wait until Friday afternoon after school for them to post it. K made drill team for the high school. I guess you know where I'll be every Thursday and Friday night next Fall.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


My brother -n-law and sister - n - law came in to help celebrate my birthday last weekend. We had such a precious time together. They helped us to relax and rejuvenate. We had lots of healthy laugher and fun!


I received an official contract and am hired for next year. I just sense God's presence and timing in all of this. So many opportunities to minister and love on others. So many students to pray for often! My precious principal is so encouraging to me. (Sp loves the fact I can heat up her food in the teacher's lounge. Just a little perk!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My 40ieth

I had an awesome bday. My parents were here for legal issues with the aunt that passed away a couple of months ago, when my other aunt passed away so they stayed on because we are closer to her hometown. They took me out for my birthday to a pasta place and supported my scrapbook habit. smile. They were here to wish me happy birthday the morning of my bday. My European friend had an email waiting for me on my birthday morning. I arrived at school to find that my sweet friend had posted on the flashing school board in the parking lot "Lordy, Lordy, Mrs _-is forty today!!!" You can imagine the responses I got all day. 30 of the fourth graders were hiding in the hall way to surprise me with a happy birthday. My sweet friend had them help decorate my room with black balloons and crepe paper. There was also a sign on my door saying "40 looks good on you!" All the kids wanted to sign my poster. My principal left snacks in my box and a DIET coke! K brought me lunch, and another friend brought me a diet coke. Our good friends took us to Texas De BRazil to celebrate. I had lots of emails, cards, gifts, and phone calls. Due to our precious sign I received phone calls all weekend. People love to wish others a happy fortieth. My favorite was that my students kept asking if black was my favorite color. I would try to explain, but they don't get adult humor.

UIL District Champs

My girls competed in the OAP UIL district meet on my birthday last week. They placed first with K making all star cast. She also made drill team last week. Sh did great on the crew. I was proud of both of them. My parents were able to see the play due to my other aunt passing away last week. My dad 1 of 8 is now the only one left. K was amazing, and scared us to death when she almost fell out of the wheel chair on stage down stairs. Whewwww!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sunday Night Blessing

We were so blessed to have the opportunity to baptize 9 students that have made decisions for Christ this past year. The cool thing was that people set foot in church that never been there before. We had just as many for this evening service as the morning service. During our fellowship afterwards two young men were dropped off at our church on a series of quests. The first envelope they opened was to share their testimony. Their home church was 100 miles away and they had never been to our town. They didn't pronouce it correctly - big clue! Their second mission was to get one of our church members to at least drive them 5 miles home. It was such a God ordained event on top of an already amazing evening. One dad hadn't come to church in 17 years. His daughter was so excited that he hit it off with K. God does such great things.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sh 13th Birthday

Grown men always boys at heart.
Blue cupcakes
precious friends - answered prayers
have you skated with a flamigo?one of the sweeties Sh babysitTrue friends will go anywhere with you. smile.
Blowups are always a hit.

what were they thinking - no dividing wall
Good friends!

sitting out limbo

Isn't he handsome?

We had a great time at the skating rink celebrating Sh birthday. Leis, glow bracelets, cupcakes, and drinks make for a fun time.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Princess Retreat

Precious Godfamily set up, cleaned up, did skits, etc. I can always count on my family!
One of our former youth came and led crowd breakers and games.
Our jr. High principal did one of the talks. She did a fabulous job!
Trying to get their team across the gym on place mats.

K came straight from drill team practice tryouts.
More games.
Another precious former youth who came and taught the girls.

Girls stuck on a place mat in the gym.
Reading God's word.

A real princess can waltz.
My accountability partner led a session.
Clothes from one of our boutiques downtown. The girls Godsister was in charge of the fashion show. The girls loved wearing outfits that were expensive. One of the dresses was over $200.00. She showed them how to get the same look with out spending the money.

The tables are always decorated so fun!
Princess game.

Response to an image of Britney Spears.

Our sweet college girls. M on the right has been a complete blessing to us here.
Chocolate covered strawberries, creme puffs, hot pink cupcakes - All princess food.

Princess Pilates. One of my new sweet friends who is so real and full of love. I am blessed.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall craft.
Pretty as a Princess.
Sweet friends that I also work with at school.

K and some of her friends.
My precious friend who sees me through so much. She came and helped me with my first princess retreat. What would I do with out her support? She gave me comfort and security in helping me.
Sweet former youth. I'm proud of you. You did great!

Decorating is fun.
Twinkle lights and tuille.