Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lost - Now Found

Today was very harrowing for us. HOney went outside with the other dogs to do her business and didn't come back in with them. We searched, called, and whistled through the neighborhood. The girls hung posters in local businesses and went door to door with pictures. Our stomachs were in knots for several hours. We finally got out of the house, because we were going stir crazy. I had the calls forwarded to our cell phone. This all started around noon, at 6:45 we got a call. A lady at the convenience store put us in touch with a lady at a local restaurant who put us in contact with the owners. It was crazy. God so delivered. Earlier in the day I prayed asking God if this was a divine appointment. We met a young couple who took her home with them. Pray that God will help us be faithful in this new aquaintance he has brought into our lives. Pray that they will be receptive of us as we try to minister to them. We know we are blessed when our sweet friends took to the streets to search for our baby. All is well in our home tonight. We are blessed and so thankful for many things. Most of all we are grateful for the chance to add to the list of God's faithfulness in our children's lives. Sh never lost hope, she wept, but she kept confident in God through all of it.
If you click on the picture you can blow it up and see our pretty Honey's sweet face and cute belly. How can you not love her? She has stolen everyone's heart. Both sets of Grandparents allow her to visit their home. My parent's friends still talk about her after meeting her at Jeannie's wedding reception. She is so precious. Such a gift.


Thank you God for using my loneliness to help others! When we moved, part of it felt like coming home, because I had some godly friends already here. But in the many times we have moved to other cities, it has been very hard. People are always nice, but it takes awhile to get in with a group of people. God used those sad times. I recognized them in one of my sweet new friends who moved here a little before I did. I could tell by her voice. The more I thought, the more I knew I needed to call her back. " GET ready! I'm coming to get you, and we're going to Walmart!" The words every friend longs to hear. We had a sweet time. Thank you God for helping me see! Thank you for the friends you used in my life in other cities. I am especially grateful for one particular friend who was always willing to pull me out of the house whether it be starbucks, movies, Walmart, or Barnes and Noble. It didn't matter what time it was. She was always willing and ready. Is there someone who needs you to check on them today? Or do I need to drive the distance, honk my horn, and take you to Walmart? Love to my Friends!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

new reads

Now that it's summer, I've had the chance to read several books. I haven't read any fiction until now. For some reason some books were smaller than others. Oh Well!
These books have been good, funny and thought provoking. I look forward to reading a lot before summer ends.

Stepping Out of the Boat

I had the awesome opportunity, thanks to my husband volunteering me, to play for a church service this Sunday Morning. The people were so precious and welcoming. It was nice to play for the whole service. What a joy. I'm trying to more and more step out of my boat. I have let people intimidate far too long, and I want to serve God with everything I had.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Swimming at a Friends

After basketball camp for the older 2 we went to cool off at a friend's house. Look at the view! It is so peaceful there.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Amazing Shot

I love it when I capture an action shot at the right time. I shot this one at camp.

Swim at the Godparents!

vbs fun!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Youth Camp

We had a great time at camp. Our camp pastor was Anthony Moore. He did such a wonderful job. When I think of Anthony the verse that states "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ" comes to mind. He shared the gospel and truth with such impact. 3 of our students were saved. Especially exciting to me was the opportunity to share Christ with one of our students. This student has had issues all year, and been such a challenge to us. With tears in my eyes I lead him in the salvation prayer with the help of one of our sweet sponsors. God is so good and faithful. We also had an awesome band called BRANCH. They truly worshipped and intermingled with the students. This week was so rich. We are blessed.

Cheerleading Camp

Friday, June 01, 2007

Visiting With an Old Friend

K had lots of neat friends in her homeschool group. She got to visit with one this last ortho visit in town. Target's food place is a great place to meet.

Decade Child

We celebrated Sp birthday with a movie/slumber party. We love playing the movie game at our house. You can see the taxi drive and concession stand. It's always a blast!