Sunday, June 22, 2008

sweet wedding

sweet couple - engagement picture
guests at the wedding signed the mat of a picture.
dancing on the ledge in the pool.
catching up with a sweet friend.
Sp signing the mat.

wonder who the groom likes?
the chance to visit with another sweet friend and former youth.

can't remember what was said.

deposit in her love bank and keep dating her!
pretty cake.

the courtyard where the ceremony took place.
the program was on fans - what a cute idea!
Here she comes all radiant!

One of our precious girls from a previous church was married this past weekend. K had the special opportunity to officiate. It was fun to see some old friends as well. We were also blessed because it was so near our home!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Behind on the News!

New cheer squad - sh is 2nd from left at back.
Sh is 3rd from left.
More family singing Happy Birthday.
The rings had icing on them!!!!!!!!
Proud sis K who encouraged Sh to try out! One of those special moments moms treasure!

Our god sister is 28. See some of our younger god cousins!
Sp in the outrigger musical at church. She had a lead in the play and sang a solo! We were so proud of her! (2nd from left)
Posing with her friend our family friends' daughters!

I'm behind on posting and will be leaving on a trip to visit my friend in France. I will give little snipets now and hopefully catch up soon. So hello - I will try and visit your blogs before I leave - if not I'm not ignoring you - I'm just not near a computer.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

K's Hair is Now Red!!!

The students more than doubled the amount that we took to camp. K had to dye his hair red. One of the ladies at our church used to own a beauty school so she dyed his hair.

New Pics of My Niece

My sweet little niece is a bundle of fun - always active~!!!!!

End of Year

Both Sp and K promoted this year. One to jr. high and one to high school. They both received several awards and we were so excited and blessed. K received the presidential award, commended in social studies and reading, tech apps, tiger pride for athletics, and student of the year voted by faculty.

Sp received commended on math, reading, and spelling. She also received student of the year and the principals award among others. We are so pleased for the awards they received for their character. We continue to pray that they will walk in that path.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Friend Marries her Prince Charming

My sweet friend waited on God and it was worth the wait! It was fun to celebrate with her!

Teaching Buddies