Thursday, November 30, 2006

How many can you fit on a swing?

The brothers sat on the swing and one by one the girls joined them. Then they started adding dogs. What fun!!! In high school we were obsessed with how many people we could fit in a vw bug. I think we got 21? On a choir trip we were up to 7 or 11 in a single plane seat. Definitely way before 9/11.. The stewardess thought we were funny, but the senior citizen group on the plane with us 75 students didn't appreciate our humor! Can you imagaine? I'm sure my high school friends will correct my numbers when they read this. Somewhere down the line I developed the ability to not handle enclosed spaces as well. Sad. Of course with our changing body shapes I'm sure the number would shrink anyway.


I love my daddy's pancakes! They are the best! Maybe it's cause they're made with love. Anytime I come home, he makes them for me! I'm spoiled and I know it! I'm also a snob when it comes to syrup!!! I love Griffins it's the best! In the city I could buy it at Albertson's. I was so excited when I found out that HEB carries it. I always knew I liked that store!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Our Small Town

We have so come to love the small town that we live in now. It has its own personality and we are filled with laughter and wonder at some of the things that we experience. They had a street fair yesterday. Santa was walking around town and in and out of the shops. He also was pulled by the miniature pony and cart. smile. Only here. There is a precious woman who owns one of the stores here in town. She just loves girls and has been so precious to mine. She knows our dogs by name and gives them treats. She does sweet things for them. We are so blessed to know her and have her in our lives. The other ladies that work with her are equally as precious to our girls and they bless our lives as well.

Achiever of the Week

We were so excited Sh was chosen as the achiever of the week for her school. They put her picture in the paper. The principal's comment was " Sh's pleasant personality and smile brightens everyone day!" We are so proud of her. God is so good to give encouragement when we need it!!!!

Achiever of the Week

We were so excited Sh was chosen as the achiever of the week for her school. They put her picture in the paper. The principal's comment was " Sh's pleasant personality and smile brightens everyone day!" We are so proud of her. God is so good to give encouragement when we need it!!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Grandpas are Special

I was able to capture this sweet moment on film. My daddy is awesome, and I'm so glad my girls have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him. We've been blessed with a very godly patriarch and I'm truly thankful for him.

Running of the Goats?

You've heard running of the running of the bulls, but how about the running of the goats? Our brother and sister 'n law came to visit this weekend. Ke comes running in and says the goats are out. Sis and I grab the camera to capture the moment, not help. smile.
This is too good to pass up. I come around the side of the house and find the goats across the street in a neighbor's yard. My family is chasing them and the neighbors are laughing and watching. It took K, his brother and all three girls to get them. Actually, I think the goats were tired and gave up. Because they came around the back of the house to the pen. A panting goat is not a pretty site!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

K's First Bball Game

K made the 7th grade A team in bball. She had her first game tonight and did great. She is an awesome defensive player.


We are so proud of K. She place second in district UIL in oral reading. We are so proud. She received a medal for her efforts.

More ministry fun pictures

Don't ask me how C got paint in her mouth. I'm so glad she decided to share it with me!!!! Our girls did great playing softball. Sh stopped one of the coaches's balls with her inner thigh, made the play and then fell down crying. He hit hard ones. The inning before it popped a kid in the mouth in high school and he had to sit out for 5 minutes. The big joke was to stay away from third base when he hit. Those of you who know Sh well, will appreciate how she handled the situation.

Ministry Fun

K and I have had fun starting some new traditions here at the church. I have begun girl's activities and my ladies are so awesome! We also started a Turkey bowl here, but it was softball instead of flag football. The adults won, but we had a great time. Saturday, we took some Jr. High to see Happy Feet. It was cute.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Isn't He Romantic

My husband is so precious!!! While I was gone on my scrapbook weekend, He put gas logs in the fireplace in our bedroom. What a surprise! I felt so blessed to have a husband who hears one of my ideas and puts it into action.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Attic Man

We were blessed to have 6 of the Sr. girls from our former church spend the night with us Sunday. They are so beautiful and fun. Thanks to them we now have an attic man who lives in our old country home. They had to climb upstairs to see him. smile.
They always bring so much joy. We are so proud of them.

Scrapbooking and Canton - Priceless

I had the awesome opportunity to go to Canton and a nearby Scrapbooking Retreat for the weekend. It was awesome. I have never felt so spoiled in all my life. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I went with 2 good friends, and made more new friends. The food was awesome! I came home with some great recipes. Canton was a hoot. We got there at 8:30 and left at 6:00. We loaded our cart to the max and pulled it everywhere. We also met Granny from Grandma's kitchen. Boy, can she cook!!!! I got several pages dones Too! Can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What is it with Me and Door Prizes???????

I've been scrapbooking numerous times at different stores and have yet to be chosen for a doorprize. I gave up with Recollections, and since I've moved have found a store in a nearby town. I've scrapped there four or five times since I've moved. They draw for the Queen of the Crop. I went with my good friend and her daughter the other night. It was the daughter's first time and they drew her name.. Good Grief. When is it my turn? I know this is trivial, but it is a little irritating.

Festival Fun Shots

Our pastor's wife came as Mother Superior and who is that good looking man guarding the jump house? Face painting was also cool with the jewels they included. This year the celebrating of Fall was such fun and relaxing. All of my Sunday School girls and their friends manned the booth. They painted lots of girls' nails and even some boys too. For weeks they made the ribbon crowns in Sunday School. I am so blessed by them. Sp and I snuck away for a little while and walked 2 blocks to the Methodist church who was having a Trunk and Treat. We passed lots of families walking between the two churches. There was such a surreal feeling of being in one of those sweet country movies. I loved it!!!! All we were missing was Garth Brooks or some other country singer singing in the background. After we went to the Methodist church, we walked across the street to the nursing home. Several ladies were waiting to see children and their costumes. Some of them even had candy to give. Next year I want to make more of an effort to send children by there so they can enjoy it to. Our gym was filled to the max with so many people. It was fun to see all the students I have subbed at the carnival. I got lots of hugs. Everyone stayed around and cleaned up. It was done so quickly. We shut down a little after eight and were home by 8:45. It will always be one of my special Fall Festival Memories.

More Festival Fun

Sp went as Zoro and was adorable. I included a picture of one of my new friends who coteaches with me the jr. high girls. Also is a picture of one of Sh teacher and his wife. (thought you would enjoy). There is a picture of Ella dressed as a lady bug along with Grandma C. I'm excited about November.