Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year

I love the New Year. A chance to start again with a clean slate. I especially am looking forward to it this year since I went back to teaching. Things have been a little crazy and needless to say things around the house etc. have a tendency to go undone. I have enjoyed 2 weeks off. I have enjoyed cleaning. imagine. smile. It has been nice to have longer quiet times and really have time to be quiet. I am working on THE POWER OF A WOMAN'S WORDS BY SHARON JAYNES for Wed. night Bible Study. I have supplemented it some with Elizabeth George's WOMEN OF THE BIBLE. I also have started Beth Moore's JOHN book. I am so excited about it. It also looks fun. It is a beautiful blue, the pages are uneven on the ends, and the type is in blue. One thing I have learned lately with teaching is that different colors of ink and fun papers keep you going.

I'm looking forward to God revealing answers to me about questions we have been discussing together.
One that will not resolve itself is-
How can Christians serving in the same area come to such differences of opinions of ministry and each other. I see it all the time in my life and and other close friends who are serving. We love Him and we spend time with Him so.......? I am coming to the conclusion that the enemy has a way of distorting our perceptions of each other and then we continue to view them and the things they do in that light. I am specifically praying against that this year! K has also come to the conclusion that love is so a part of it. Love is the perfect bond of unity. Maybe we trully don't love each other like we think we do. It will probably never be resolved until Heaven; but I'm not giving up.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Life has been full and crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't posted in a long time because there is so much going on. Teaching again full time has really taken a lot of time. Imagine -smile. Here is a recap of the girls band concert, family Christmas, Jefferson Get-a-way, Christmas musicals. I will spare you the classroom party pictures and the 55 missions that were turned in the last week of Christmas. (Definitely need to make notes for next year!!!!!!!!!!)