Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 28, 2007

After School Slumber Party

Some of Sh friends asked if we could have an after school slumber party. They knew I would say yes. smile. One of the friends couldn't make it. It is such an answer to prayer to have developed some of these friends. It is so hard to move to a new town the first year of junior high; especially when everyone has grown up together in a small town.

boys will be boys

Since it was raining during our church picnic, we set up foursquare for the younger children in the fellowship hall. Of course K, his good friend and accountability partner, and his intern had to play too. It didn't that K has a broken pinkie from Wed night bball or B has a broken thumb from it. These two have both had leg surgeries due to injuries from church events. No wonder they make such good accountablitiy partners.


WE had the chance to see Pirates 3 with our sweet friends that moved here from Houston. It was long, but good. Since I still have some pirate paper left in my scrapbook pile, I took some pictures! Our friends' youngest daughter didn't make it through the movie, so she missed the last 45 minutes. I will have to go see it with her again.

18 Years Ago Sunday - 6:26 p.m.

My sweet K and I have been married 18 years and together 20 years. We had a sweet romantic day. After a weekend of project graduation, church, and church picnic, and the end of school we took a long Sunday nap. smile. At 5 we were awakened to come into the dining room for a surprise. The table was decorated with a centerpiece in my cake platter of cheetos spelling out the word "kiss" placed on a napkin. We had a waiter and music. I can't pronounce his name and Apollo ( which is spanish for man with lots of hair on his face.) sang "Kiss the girl" from Little Mermaid. It was quite comical when our singer was 3 measures ahead of our pianist. We were surprised and touched by our sweet girls display of love. My favorite part was my kitchen was clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That night their sweet god mother took them over to the god family get together so we could be alone. We didn't feel like driving 20 minutes to the nearest town with lots of restuarants, so we picked one out of our 3 choices here. smile. It was sweet. No regrets! I would marry him all over again!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Little Princesses

past shots

My sister-n- law gave me a cd with pictures she had I might enjoy. Here are some from big K's bday a couple of years ago. My niece worked at Pump It UP. We had the whole room to ourselves. What Fun!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

another sign

I found this sign in a neighboring town.

K Awards

The jr. high had awards this past week. We were so exicted that K received 2. She received the Tiger Pride Award and 7th grade girl athlete. Of all the girls she exhibited the most sportsman like all around give your best attitude. We were so proud!

Wedding Celebration

J and K had their wedding celebration this weekend and honeymooned in San Anton. I think everything went well. Who knew planning so many Princess Retreats would have other benefits. I bossed my parents around all day Friday, but they were pleased. My sweet sister-n-law and brother-n-law came celebrated with us and helped so much. The groom had 3 different cakes thanks to the sweet ladies in the church. The bubbles were definitely the hit! People played with them. I got tickled. My new bro in law had bubble fights with my girls. My long time bro in law was showing the girls how to use the outside compressor to make more bubbles. My sister in law kept picking at my mom with bubbles. The sweet older neighbor across the street kept blowing bubbles. It was a scream. Mom's cousins came and one of her dearest longest friend was able to come. If you want to see pictures of her wedding they are in April's archives.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Can A Princess Really Skin Her Knee?

Sp hurt herself yesterday. You know its bad when you walk into the nurse's office and she is giving you that look. My accountability partner/precious friend came to spend the day with me yesterday. We stopped by to see another friend at the school. As we were walking out one of the aids said you ought to go check on your daughter in the nurse's office. I got that look. We ended up calling the doctor's office. She had hit the concrete after lunch and literally took a chunk out of one knee. It was really deep. The nurse couldn't tell if she got all the rocks out and if there was still skin left to stitch. Sp was a trooper at the doctor's office. Especially when he cut away skin. She rejected the numbing shot. She would rather be cut then have a shot. smile. She didn't need stitches because there was no skin to stitch. The doctor said it look liked a dog took a chunk out of her leg. She did great. My sweet friend held her hand and kept her occupied during the whole thing. The dr. and nurses said how well she did.
We always give a treat if you have a trauma at the dr.'s office. Since we have to travel 20 miles to another town to see our dr. the treat choices are severely limited. We found a cookie shop, but the dr. said she should ask for more than that. smile. While we were looking for the cookie shop, we saw this book, Can A Princess Really Skin Her Knee? God has such a sense of humor.
This morning she wanted me to take pictures so she could show her friends at school. She's out of p.e. for the week, doctor's orders. I am sparing you the meaty pictures. smile. God is so precious in that even though my day didn't go as planned ( uninterrupted, deep discussions with my friend); I had a friend who walked during a stressful time with me. (K was out of town). Also she pointed out to Sp how God provided us for her at the right time. He knew she would get hurt and that we needed to be there. Such a testimony of God's faithfulness to her. What a godly friend helping me to share God and his faithfulness with my children.

Monday, May 07, 2007

National Jr. Honor Society

We are so proud of K for being inducted into Natl Junior Honor Society.