Friday, March 30, 2007

I love the song - More Than You'll Ever Know by Watermark

"You've been more than a friend to me,

You fight off my enemies, because you've

spoken the truth over my life.

You'll never know what it means to me,

Just to know you've been on your knees for me.

You have blessed my life - more than you'll ever know."

I have been blessed by many precious friends. I am so blessed by my accountability partner who is willing to drive to meet me half way and spend hours listening, encouraging, and praying with me. She refreshes my spirit by speaking truth into my life without judgement, just love.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I'm so glad Spring is here. I have to drive through country to go anywhere. Yesterday, when I was taking oldest and youngest to see the doctor, I drove through rolling hills of green and lots of tanks filled with blue water. I have this really cool bush that has decided to bloom outside my house. Thank you God for nature, except that big hairy spider I got to kill this morning with hairspray, windex, clorox, and the phone book. The one down side of country is the bigger bugs!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007



Sunday, March 18, 2007


I love Sandra Bullock. We went to go see her new movie today. It was good, definitely not what I expected, but it was good. It makes you appreciate your family.

Memorial Service

We had a memorial service for Cinnamon at my parent's house. My dad made monument stakes for the ground. He had the girls make ornamental beads to hang around the stakes. Her memorial is next to the cats. What precious memories. We went Sunday night to see our new baby. I think sh has decided on honeybun for a name. We had a hilarious time in the car coming up with a dessert name for the new puppy. K mentioned Ding Dong and then it went downhill from there. Sp yelled out Enchilada and K responded with Spatula etc. We laughed for 30 minutes in the car while driving to Houston! Again preciou memories!

Monday and Tuesday of Spring Break

Monday and Tuesday of Spring Break our church and the Methodist Church did a 30 hour famine with our youth. They went from noon on Monday until 6pm on Tuesday without eating. K said they drank about $200 worth of gatorade, juice, and broth. They spent the night at church. It was a lock-in without food. smile. The Methodist came up with this idea cause you know Baptist and their food I was proud of my girls. Sh went longer than K due to an orthodonist appt. I did it with the kids even though I was home with Sp. On Tuesday the kids did service projects for the city, and collected money and can goods for the hungry.

Sh and I were able to see Billy the Kid's grave. She is wearing her t-shirt from the 3o hour famine in the picture. They said this is the third head stone. People keep taking them - imagine.

Spring Break

We went to see K's brother in Houston and had a great time. We ate at a Beck's that has outdoor seating under oak trees. The weather was beautiful! We then went putt-putting and go-carting. I had never been. My brother -n-law suggested that we adults get super go carts that went faster than the kids. You know me and my cautiousness. Well, this little punk kid (sorry, but he was irritating everyone on the track) would cut me off every time I tried to pass. When I got to the straight shot I just put on the gas and passed him. It was great, he couldn't catch up. Smile. Besides not being able to breathe because of the fumes,we had a great time. After that we met more family at the Lasagna House 3.

My Sister Is Getting Married

We were able to meet my sister's future husband. He is a really nice guy and loves J. We were so excited to meet him and counsel with them. I'm helping to plan a fun informal wedding in my parent's backyard in May.

God answers prayers and we should never give up!

Monday, March 12, 2007


This is Cinnamon napping on our recliner a couple of days before she died. She was only 2 pounds. Isn't she precious?

Our precious baby puppy passed away Saturday night. This is the puppy Sh picked out before she opened her eyes. She would visit her and was working to pay her off. She got sick suddenly and even our vet is baffled at what happened. We all fell in love so quickly with her, and held her
almost the last 24 hours she was so sick. The girls want to know why. I share truth with them. Jer 29:11, Rom 8:28, and the verse that God doesn't withold good things from those who love him. Is there a divine appt in this? Our pastor is constantly admonishing us that people watch how you respond. The vet, the lady we recieved the puppy from, friends, and family. Some might say this is just a puppy, but God says He keeps track of each bird that falls. He had his eye on Cinnamon - there is greater purpose in this. Not only the hurt from watching this sweet thing die, but to watch our daughters grieve. The heart hurts as only a parent can understand. Things I am thankful for
*our vet who spent lots of extra overtime hours on caring for her.
He was just as upset as we were.
*A pastor and pastor's wife who are willing to come to our house after 10p.m. on a Saturday night to pray with our girls.
* A grandpa that is awakened from sleep and willing prays with our girls over speaker phone. Who calls back in a little while to check on them.
*Grandparents who are willing to have a memorial service and grave in their backyard for the puppy.
* A former children's minister who is willing to call and chat with each girl.
*Precious conversations about our God and His character.
*Strength in my girls's lives.
*Sh praying on the phone with the lady she bought the puppy from.
Oh God, may this hurt not be wasted in my girls' lives, but mold them to be more like you.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

We have A Cheerleader!!!!

This past week was cheerleader tryouts at school. K made it as one of six 7th graders they chose. We are so excited. Sh was one of the MANY six graders that tried out. She didn't make it. She was so happy for her sister! The cool thing is that I was talking to a mother - friend of mine, and she shared with me this story. One of the girls had called to tell her daughter that she made it. She also proceeded to tell that Sh had told everyone congratulations and that she would try again next year. Her sincerity and preciousness so impacted this girl as well as others. As my friend told me this story she was so blessed by the witness Sh was being to those girls, and what an impact it had made. Her comment was that Sh was having an eternal impact.
Sh has been struggling with her gifts. It is hard living in the "shadow" of an older sister who seems to do well at everything. Sh has been wondering what are her gifts? It's hard to explain the many ones that she does have. My precious child who shares her faith so openly and unashamedly. She has a way of encouraging and blessing so many people's hearts, and yet she is unaware. For example, there was a major change in one area at school a couple of months ago. There was definitely some tension. Sh in her sincerity came and told the principal a positive comment that so made her day, and yet Sh was totally unaware. She was just being herself. Its hard for her to understand the precious gifts she has, because at this point in her life they are not easily measured or appreciated by her peers. Hopefully, one day she will understand the eternal impact God has given her with the gifts He has blessed her. Pray for her as we explore a tangible gift that can be measured now.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

You Got to Have Friends!!!

The Lord has so blessed me with precious friends. It's always hard moving somewhere new. Everyone here is nice, but I am still new. As one of my precious friends diagnosed, "You are emotionally lonely!" Yeah- that's it. It just takes time to develop history with new friends. Thank God for my long distance friends who call me, come to see me, or meet me half way! I am blessed! I was able to spend quite a bit of time with one of those forever friends a weekend ago. She so refreshed my spirit. I am including a picture of us, because it turned out GOOD!


K is having an awesome opportunity to coach Sp in basketball at the school. We have so enjoyed watching her play on the coed team. K has also been able to ref as well. We are a busy family.

We had a baby!!!!!!

Sh has been wanting her own puppy for awhile and she got Cinnamon Saturday night. I admit I have fallen in love with this baby. She has stolen all of our hearts. The other two dogs are not giving in easily!


I had a new experience this week. I helped with the track meet. Last week I drove 45 minutes and sat in a stand from 5-9 to watch K compete. This past Thursday I worked the High school and measured boys' long jump and triple jump. After squating 120 or so times I have located some new muscles who refuse to loosen up. I have stretched, walked around town several times, and spent some time with Denise Austin, and nothing helps. Friday I spent from 4-9:30 to watch my beloved daughter participate in triple long jump, mile relay, 200 relay, 400 relay. We are proud of her. She made the paper this week as the Achiever of the Week. The principal said precious things about her we are so proud.

BunKo Queen

I subbed for Bunko this week. Here in the country its much more laid back. People don't steal each other's bunkos like we do in the city. I had to warn the ladies incase I grabbed their dice not to be offended. I had the most wins, and went home with their hat. This also is a different tradition. The person with the last bunko takes the hat home and adds a decoration to it for the next month. I was thinking about jingle bells. If you have suggestions let me know at my email. ARen't I gorgeeeous?

Friday, March 02, 2007

50 Years- A CELEBRATION!!!!!!!

We were so excited to help celebrate K's parents' 5oth Anniversary this past weekend. What a heritage for our family. We are blessed.