Sunday, January 27, 2008

And the Wedding Pics go on!

My sweet sissy - in -law!
Sorry the whole wedding party is not in it. I was trying to squeeze in a pic between the photographers. Our three are on the left!

More Wedding Pics!

Proud Daddy with beautiful girls!
She reminds my a little of Audrey Hepburn~
Family pic since we're all dressed up!
One of my precious forever friends met us at the church with her girls. It was so nice to visit, but not long enough. I feel for her. I feel like I "gushed" the whole time. It was so refreshing to really talk and not have to guard myself and anything I said. K- I realized I had lots more questions for you, but thanks for letting me pour out with you!
Uncle K - you do such a great job of loving your nieces!

Trying to get that perfect pic!
She looks way too old and sophisticated here!
My forever friends daughters. How fun to watch you all grow up together. So glad we get to keep up the connection of good friends to a second generation! Hopefully one day we'll get your daughters together!
My precious God sister/daughter altered the girls's dresses. She's amazing. She did it with so much love and helped us out so much financially as well. You're the best! We waved at you Friday night and Saturday morning when we drove by the market.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Beautiful Girls!

My niece's wedding was this weekend. I will post more later; but for now look at my beautiful girls God has given me.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Open Door- New Adventure

This monday I will begin my new job!!! Through a series of events God has opened the door for me to teach fourth grade. They added another class due to the size of enrollment. I will get to teach Science (my love) and Social Studies to the whole fourth grade. I will teach writing to my homeroom. Remember me in prayer this next week, especially since K will be on a guy trip to get some much needed down time. I covet your prayers!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Praying For YOu

Just wanted to let my friends know I've been praying for you. This has been a tough week for several of you with loss, marriage issues, and health. Just wanted you to know you're in my prayer journal and I'm bringing you before his throne! You are Loved!


WE are living and breathing basketball right now! 6:45 am practices, after school practices, games. The older 2 are almost finished with the exception of a game or two and tournament; but sp is just beginning. She performs tomorrow night during halftime of varsity game. They have elementary learn dribbling routines. Sh has gotten more agressive as the season has come on! She took a girl out the other night. K said if he'd been reffing he'd given her a technical. My sweet precious Sh who cried the first time she stole a ball from someone on the court. Our friends were laughing when it happened. They watched her do it and then looked at us. K, sp, and I all had our heads bowed with our hands over our faces. They lost by one basket. Our adopted daughter P is on the same team with Sh. She did great too. K's game was the same. They were intense and we had fun watching them.

Surprise for my friend

God was very precious and blessed us with sweet friends who moved here the same time we did. They have become like family to us! Her birthday was this weekend. I was the distraction so everyone could get to the house and yell Surprise. We had a great time laughing! Happy Bday N! You may notice Sp and I in pj's. It was pj and hot chocolate day for those who met the AR reading goal. I subbed 2nd grade that day. Between pj's, hot chocolate, and sleet it was a very energetic day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gamma Luau

C and I dressed the part to add to the fun. you should have seen me earlier with all the leis around my neck before I passed them out to the girls!
We were proud of our sugar coated fruit punch glasses. Teh girls loved them(Pandamom would have loved these.)
Fruit kishkobs, meatballs, sausages, cheese, pickles, mini cheesecakes, chocolate mouse cakes, donuts, white covered strawberries, and after dinner mints. The girls loved it.
Our godsister is so much fun! We just love her.

The girls all took turns wearing C and mine hair pieces.
Tissue paper flowers.

Sp did great at limbo. She's not in youth; but she always comes and helps me.
Sh reinacted for the camera.
Group pic. I spare you the silly one.

We had our girls' night last night and had a great time. Our theme was "winter luau". We limboed, ate, a devotional on a palm tree, pictionary teams of luau words, and made tissue paper flowers.

Monday, January 14, 2008

K's new camera has been quite a source of fun for her and our adopted daughter P.

Tournament Winner

We spent the day back and forth between our town and one aways down to watch K play in a tournament. In the between time, Sp had science club, an electrician installed a new plug for dryer (more on that later), and we had to move more stuff in my aunt's place. K's team won. It was rather nail biting. The first game went into overtime. The second game there was a basket difference for the last 2 minutes of the game. She got a medal! That is always so fun! You will notice the pillow in the pic. I had to have her at the school at 6:45am on a Saturday morning. Smile.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yesterday we went to a large town. My children are looking out at the window. OooooH there's a Wendy's, Oh Dickey's, MMmm Chick Fil A etc. You get the picture. Sometimes we miss our metropolitan fast food fixes. We have one fast food place that serves chicken and tacos. What a combo! You can get pizza and hamburgers at the gas station. We have 3 restaurants in town that cost you about $9 and up a person to eat. But you can get pie in 12 different flavors here!
Go figure!

Sp Christmas Program

Cutest reindeer this side of the North Pole. She was a reindeer sister instead of the Andrew sister. Mrs. V is her teacher! We are blessed to have her.


My sweet man is 40! We went to dinner with some friends, and then to our Godsister's loft for cookie and games. He said he wanted it low key! I aim to please!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


My nephew district employee award winner of starbucks! whohoo!
Homemade slippers for my sister-n-law. CAn you see what they are made from?
3 bottles of stickem! What is Nana saying to Poppy?

K's last living grandparent and his aunt with sp.
Our niece and her fiance. They're getting married in January.
K's brother was surprised by his childhood nemesis lamp for Christmas. Scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of our nephews who is an awesome fball player. Watch for great college and proball!
K made Nana a calendar so she will get her dates right! Inside joke!

Adopted daughter spent Christmas morning with us. She's going to kill me when she sees this pic!
Honey isn't impressed with Christmas morning.
How fun! Who knew last year that this year we would have a new uncle and niece? God is good and full of surprises!

Our niece isn't impressed with Christmas morning either.
ARe you finished yet? I need attention!
I'm sure we will not sleep throught next years!

Visiting my aunt.
Daddy and his older sister.

How fun to have this generation picture. Good ole broinlaw holding the bottle. He's the best daddy to my niece!
Hanging our Christmas advent scrooge ornaments. A family tradition. We had a wonderful Christmas inspite of K's allergic reaction to an antibiotic (Christmas eve eve in emergency), the flu, kidney infections, strep throat, and other ailments of family members. WE were together. I loved holding my niece through the Christmas eve service and distracting others with that cute baby! I'm not a proud aunt! K played the offeretory for both services CHristmas eve eve. So proud of her! My gift this year has been God's faithfulness. We are so undeserving and yet he continues to give. We are blessed.